Laufen Symposium “Architecture during art”: Architects and art historians discuss the hidden qualities of architecture


During ART Basel, the Swiss bathroom specialist Laufen held a concurrent symposium at its corporate headquarters in Laufen/Switzerland on 14 June. In the presence of some 120 participating architects, Tim Kammasch, Kurt W. Forster and the Swiss architects Gabrielle Hächler and Andreas Fuhrimann debated the concealed qualities of architecture in a lively panel discussion entitled: “Hidden truths of architecture”.

“We are delighted that the ‘Architecture during art’ symposium is taking place here at our premises in Laufen for the fifth time, and that we were able to organise this event again this year in cooperation with the Swiss Cultural Foundation Pro Helvetia.” With these words, Marc Viardot, Managing Director Central European BU and Director Marketing and Products, opened the event at the Laufen Forum. Marianne Burki, Head of Visual Arts at Pro Helvetia, expressed her gratitude for the partnership: “Laufen has already been cooperating with Pro Helvetia for seven years and supports us as a partner of the cultural foundation at the Salon Suisse, the accompanying programme of the Swiss pavilion at the Biennale in Venice.” With this cooperation, Laufen emphasises its commitment to art and culture in general and architecture in particular.

But how and when is good architecture created? Is there a special recipe? What part does empathy play? What are the drawbacks of standardisation and uniformity in contemporary architecture? And what potential can be unleashed by combining supposed opposites with each other, although they do not suggest absolute harmony at first glance?

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