At M&O hanging lamp Ring lights up Antolini marbles

Clan Milano

Clan Milano’s creations are back in Paris to give a new light to Antolini’s booth – an Italian company leader in processing marble and natural stones. The occasion is Maison&Objet fair, the international authority for home decor, interior design, architecture and lifestyle culture; present two lighting solutions, designed by Alessandro La Spada, internationally renowned interior designer and Art Director of the brand.

A sophisticated appeal features RING60 and RING80 hanging lamps, defined by an iconic round brass structure supported by wires in bronze mesh. The shape of the mirrored-glass lampshades is sinuously elongated and it evokes the bulb of an ancient oil lamp. A more internal cover in sandblasted glass houses high-intensity LED, ensuring durability and sustainability at the same time. Standing in mid-air, these symbolic lamps enlighten and adorn living spaces.