Alessandro La Spada designs Inkiostro Bianco’s exhibition space at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019

Alessandro La Spada

The unique approach and stylistic flair of the designer inaugurates a new collaboration in the spirit of innovation and functionality

The eclectic trait of Alessandro La Spada, specialised designer and art director of Clan Milano, infuses the project of the stand for Inkiostro Bianco within the new S.Project pavilion. The set up shows a hotel-themed location, where the rooms with a high scenic and aesthetic impact suggest inspirations for hotellerie and hospitality projects.

Imagining shapes behind a glazed glass and decoding them, interpreting the plays of light inside a glass, observing things through various transparent surfaces. These are the hints that gave birth to the new creations displayed at the kermesse in Milan. Being able of going beyond is a distinctive capacity that opens new perspectives, exploring unexpected and everchanging scenarios.

Fluid geometries and 70s designs are reinterpreted from a modern point of view and overlap with the delicate birchwood texture, thus overlaying lines, patterns and light transparencies. Beyond is a path that runs beyond the materials and natural shapes, deriving new interpretations and possible connections elaborated by the mind and readapted according to one’s cultural background.

Beyond the appearance, beyond the first glance, is the first project by Alessandro La Spada for Inkiostro Bianco, a new and exciting path originated by the suggestions of the designer and interpreted by the creativity of the brand. New scenarios are defined, and the decorative proposal is completed awaiting the most important interpretation: the ability of the ones who appreciate the creative productions of the brand of going beyond and finding new original meanings.


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